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By Susan Windeler

Cancun could possibly be the most romantic setting on the planet for a wedding! The beautiful turquoise water, the powdery white sand, the luscious palm trees and the year-round beautiful weather combine to make cancun the perfect locale for your special event. This report is designed to simplify your planning a cancun wedding. I will give you my recommendations on four key areas of wedding planning in cancun; where to hold your wedding, which wedding service providers here in cancun are the best, the top tourists sites you and your guests must see before and/or after your big day and special legal requirements that you must comply with in order to have a binding marriage that is valid in mexico and at home.

A wedding we attended
My husband and i experienced the most gorgeous wedding we had ever seen. Poolside, at the exclusive mayan palace resort just south of cancun, white linen-draped tables, with exotic-flower centerpieces, were strategically arranged on the beach to maximize the view of the caribbean ocean. A gentle breeze swayed through the palm trees. Over four hundred guests dressed in their beach-appropriate "formal wear" began arriving in the late afternoon. At the perfect hour, just as the sun was setting, the bride and groom said their i do's. It took our breath away. 

I bet you think that it was the perfect wedding, right? Just the kind you want. 

Well guess what, there are two rather significant flaws in the above true wedding story that made the day less than it could have been. Can you pick them out? 

I can because that is what i do and this special report is designed to help you think about details that you normally would not even think about. 

Having tables arranged on the beach is a good idea in theory but the guests have to struggle walking in the sand in their heels and gowns. Better to put the tables by the pool on cement. That way you avoid all of the clumsiness of walking in the sand but still get the fabulous views and terrific pictures. 

The next day when we saw the expensive wedding pictures, taken by a professional, experienced wedding photographer we were shocked to notice that there were no pictures of the gorgeous views. It was too dark. The bride and groom’s formal pictures were great. The pictures that they did get of their guests were great – but all of them were basically night shots. They didn’t even get professional shots of the fabulous pool, the ocean views and the overall ambiance of the location. Moral of the story - never hold a “sunset wedding”. 

Get married in the mid-afternoon when the sun is high in the sky and not in anyone’s eyes. Mid-afternoon light is perfect for pictures and your guests get to have even longer to enjoy your special day with you at the reception! 

Do not worry the sun will be setting. But instead of being preoccupied with losing the light for the pictures you can enjoy the magical, sun setting moment surrounded by your friends with a drink in your hand!

Section one – where to hold your wedding
Most major hotels in cancun and along the riviera maya have a staff of people who can help you with all of the details of the actual wedding. You do not personally have to agonize over every detail for the entire event from thousands of miles away. If the hotel does not have actual staffers that can handle your particular special details they have many contacts with outside experts that can facilitate almost any request. 

I have several favorite locales in the cancun area that are particularly picturesque and whose wedding services are impeccable.
Recommended hotels
The royal resorts 
This small hotel chain is comprised of five different hotels located in various spots in the hotel zone. Each location is fully staffed to handle weddings. There are two main contact numbers at the main resorts. 
To contact on the web click the link below: 

Or call/fax to receive complete wedding package information: 

Club international 
Phone: (52)(998) 881-5100 
Fax: (52)(998) 881-5180 

The royal sands 
Phone: (52)(998) 881-0100 
Fax: (52)(998) 848-8230
Hyatt regency cancun 
The hyatt hotels are legendary for their quality and hospitality. This particular hotel has a special location and ambiance for weddings. 
To contact on the web click the link below: 

Or call/fax to receive complete wedding package information: 

Cancun hyatt 
Phone: (52)(998) 891-5500 
Fax: (52)(998) 883-1349
Mayan palace resort 
Located along the riviera maya about thirty miles south of cancun this resort and spa is a very special location for a wedding. The well-trained and attentive staff can take care of every detail of your wedding. The resort also offers an 18-hole jack nicklaus golf course, a complete spa and the second largest pool in all of latin america. 
To contact on the web click the link below: 

Or call/fax to receive complete wedding package information: 

Mayan palace resort – riviera maya 
Phone: in the u.S. (800) 292-9446 
Fax: in the u.S. (713) 888-0601
Marriott casa magna 
Located right next door to the royal sands in the hotel zone this resort has been doing weddings for years. The location is superb and the service is amazing. Complete wedding services from a company that you expect to provide outstanding service. 
To contact on the web click the link below: 

Or call/fax to receive complete wedding package information: 

Marriott casa magna 
Phone: (52)(998) 881 2000 
Fax: (52)(998) 881-2085
Section two – service providers
Listing all of the hotels that offer wedding packages is very difficult in this report. Most hotels offer this service. However, should you wish to hire a professional wedding planner and put together some of the details on your own, here are a few suggestions of absolute professionals. 

One very important question to ask about any wedding package quote that you get is, “does the price you quoted include the cost of the wedding license/civil ceremony costs? this is important because the cost of getting the wedding license from city hall is about $900.00. Make sure you know if the cost of the wedding package does or does not include that rather significant cost!
Instant memories photography 

All contacts for these guys are made in the u.S. Many times the photographer will actually travel from the u.S. To be at your wedding.
M maurus photography 

Michael maurus has lived all over the world. His work is fabulous! Originally from germany, mike and his family currently live in cancun.
Photosmile sa de cv cancun, mexico 

Our photography is known for our talent in capturing the moment and delivering a professional service from the beginning to the end of the photo shoot and after sales customer service.
Independent wedding planners
If you would like to use a wedding planner that is not associated with your hotel, the following suggestions are companies that have been performing this service for many years here in cancun.
My cancun wedding 
Only initial e-mail contact 

This firm has been doing weddings since 1992. They have an entire staff of real professionals who are experts at implementing your exact plans.
Caribbean weddings cancun and riviera maya 
Only initial e-mail contact 

Established in 2000 this firm has in-house resources and a very extensive network of professionals.
Section three – sites you and your guests must see
Of course the highlight of your trip to cancun is your wedding! Your guests will be thrilled to share your special day with you. Nonetheless, you will want your guests, and you for that matter, to see the sights and sounds that make the cancun area famous. 

The mayan archaeological ruins, great restaurants, snorkeling or scuba diving, where to play with monkeys, how to swim with the dolphins etc., are among some of the things that you and your guests will want to do. 

Recommended book: 

The list is of things to do and see is too large and the choices are too many for me to try and give meaningful suggestions in this report. I recommend this book: what’s cheap and free in cancun and the yucatan.
Section four – legal requirements
Aside from the standard planning issues inherent with any wedding there are, as you might imagine, certain legal requirements that must be met in order to have your marriage binding when you are back at home.
Two or three business days prior to the wedding the couple must present themselves at the local city hall (registro civil) with the following –
The bride and groom must each posses a valid passport. Your tourist card/entry permission (this is given to you by your airline and officially stamped as you enter the country)
An original birth certificate that has been translated into spanish by a certified translator (this can be handled by your hotel or wedding planner.) you must make sure you have an original birth certificate or a certified copy with a raised seal. Birth certificates issued by a hospital or church baptismal records are not accepted.
Certified copy of a prenuptial health certificate which includes a blood test. This must be done in mexico. A blood test from the u.S. In not acceptable. This test is done in one day and a certificate is issued that you can take to the city hall civil ceremony.
The original and copies of official identification for the witnesses to the marriage (there must be at least four witnesses of at least 18 years of age). If you do not have any witnesses with you, they can be provided for a small fee.
Copies of divorce decrees (or death certificate of previous spouse), if applicable.
Once you file all of the paperwork and take an oath in front of the justice of the peace you are actually legally married both in mexico and in the u.S. However, the romantic and beautiful religious or vow ceremony that you have been planning is really the part that you have been waiting for. 

The civil marriage can take place at the same time as the religious ceremony if you hire the justice of the peace to show up at your wedding’s venue. 

Any of the hotels or wedding planners that i have recommended in this report understand all of these details and are very good at making sure that everything goes smoothly with all of the legal requirements.
Some final thoughts
Let your special day be simple. You have chosen a special, beautiful location for your wedding. You will be surrounded by friends and relatives who love you. Take the opportunity to make simple choices. After all, you will be getting married, barefoot, on the beach, with beautiful scenery and ambiance. Your wedding day is only the beginning. Plan on visiting your wedding site often to remember the love and beauty that you experienced on your special day.

Susan windeler is a graduate of the university of richmond school of business. She has enjoyed scuba diving throughout the caribbean and especially loves the dive sites of cozumel. The former owner and president of the largest yellow pages company in the maine, she now spends half the year in cancun with her family and husband. An avid traveler to the yucatan since 1996 susan enjoys reading books on the beach, writing various articles and reviews and family fun together with her husband and five children.