Vacation Tips » Tips for Car for Hire in Mexico

With its extensive serene coastline, superb climate, distinguished culinary heritage, art and architectural history, pyramids and modern cities it is no wonder that Mexico ranks at the 7th most visited destination for foreign visitors in the world. With so much to see and do in this wondrous land, simply staying at your resort or complex would be criminal, hence the reason why car hire is so prevalent among holidaymakers. With innumerable car hire companies and various policies available, this short guide talks you through what you need to know before hiring a car.

Firstly, shopping around for the right deal is where to begin. Car hire brokers are as good a place as any, who will find you the car which best suits your needs, whether you only need a small hatchback or a people carrier if travelling with a family or group.

Many opt for the easy option of picking up their rental car on arrival at the airport. Although convenient, many holidaymakers often discover that car hire companies are subject to rental fees of their own in order to keep their fleet of vehicles at the airport – a cost which is often passed on to the consumer. A way round this is to think outside the box a little by arranging a transfer to a nearby town or city by bus or taxi to pick up your car here. Also be sure to arrange your car hire in advance of your journey or you will almost definitely incur an extra charge for on-the-day rental or worse; end up with no car at all.

The pro-points of arranging to pick up your rental car from the airport however, is that you will usually find a wider choice of vehicles available, which is particularly helpful if you are travelling as a group or family and need a suitable vehicle which will comfortably seat everyone in your party as well as your luggage. Also, if you are happy to keep your car for the duration of your holiday, you won't have to pay a fee for dropping the car at a different location, by simply returning your vehicle back to your car hire company before checking-in for your homeward flight.

Once you have secured your hire car, there are also a few helpful tips for new drivers to the country in order to stay safe when travelling around Mexico. Firstly, some roads are not as well-maintained as those found north of the border in the United States. If it is your first time in the country, do your best to stay on the beaten track. The second thing to watch out for is faulty or non-operating traffic lights. In resort areas where there is an abundance of tourists this tends not to be a problem. While on the subject of lights, always be vigilant at night for locals who (in some cases) have damaged or non-functional lights on their cars. Another road hazard to be cautious of is animals crossing the road. Like many countries, roads have signs warning you of dangers although this cannot be said of every area! However, the main thing to remember when driving in Mexico is simply to have a good time and enjoy the scenery as there is no better way to take in this awesome country's astonishing sights and natural wonders.