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How it Works

For Tours: You can almost always get a better deal by booking tours online rather that with the travel agent in your hotel. If you are willing to sit through a "time-share presentation", which is a super-high pressure sales pitch that lasts most of a day, then sometimes you can get your excursions for less, but most folks don't want to spend their precious vacation time like that. We don't make you jump through hoops to get the best prices. Also, booking online locks in your price and guarantees your space.

By using our online reservation system you are saving us the cost of hiring representatives in the hotels and we are passing that savings on to you!

When you book online you'll be asked to place a deposit by PayPal or credit / debit card. Within 24 hours we will send you the confirmation voucher by email. You'll want to print this out and bring it with you to Cancun. Confirmation vouchers have all the details you need including the local phone number if you need to change or cancel your tour.

On the day of your tour you will pay your balance due, if any, at check in or pickup, depending on the tour. Each tour is different, so check your voucher for payment methods accepted. Some people prefer to pay in full online with PayPal or credit card instead of just the deposit, which is fine also. Just shoot us an email and we will send you the link to do so securely online. See our full list of tours and excursions at discount prices.

After your tour, come back to the forum and give us all a trip report! 

For Airport Transfers: There is no deposit or advanced payment required at time of booking, however, if you prefer to pay online by PayPal or credit card, that is fine too. Otherwise just select your location and enter your flight info here. Within 24 hours you'll receive your confirmation vouchers by email. Print these and bring with you to Cancun.

Your confirmation voucher is important, think of it as your guide to getting through the airport. After you clear customs and immigrations, you'll walk past a herd of official-looking sales reps. DON'T TALK TO THEM. They will say anything to get you to go with them, but truly they just want to get you into a time-share presentation. Keep walking...past them, all the way out both sliding glass doors. When you are OUTSIDE, look straight ahead (if arriving to Termianl 3) or ahead and to the right (if arriving to Terminal 2) to find the greeter.

USA Transfers has full time staff at each of the terminals to greet you.  The sign says USA Transfers with the USA flag logo. The greeter will call your vehicle into the loading area and will wait with you. This usually takes 3-5 minutes. Then your private driver wisks you off to your hotel. You can pay the driver directly in US Dollars, Mexican Pesos or Canadia Dollars.